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Hot Diggity Dog Black Labrador Retriever Doggie Ornaments with Guardian Pet Medal.
Item Number:AN42 76123J
Hot Diggity Dog Black Labrador Retriever Doggie Ornaments with Guardian Pet Medal.

MSRP: $13.00
Our Price: $9.87


These 3 inch Christmas Dog Ornaments
have black fur with black eyes and a tail that curls upward. The Christmas Dog Ornaments are sitting comfortably facing to the left with his mouth slightly ajar. These pensive pups hang by a gold lame cord or they can stand on a level surface. These Unique Christmas Ornaments come with a pewter pet medal for the collar of your pet. Select to see a complete listing of our Christmas Decorations Ideas.

History of the Labrador Retriever:
A sporting dog, the Labrador Retriever is well known for their gentle disposition as pets, and seamlessly unending supply of energy on hunts! Also known as the “St. John’s dog” or “Lesser Newfoundland dog,” in the 1800’s, it is believed that they acquired their name from the area of Labrador, which happens to be just north of Newfoundland (Englishmen commonly referred to both areas with the same name in that time). Labs can be black, chocolate or yellow, with chocolate and yellow being the recessive gene colors. For many years breeders specifically opted to breed for the black labs. Labs have been known to overwork themselves, if not kept from it, on hunts, so hunters must keep a close eye on their performance to ensure these dogs do not overly exhaust themselves. It is not uncommon for these dogs to spend the day on a hunt and then return home to play with the children. Select this link to view our Animal Ornaments Christmas.

Hounds were bred to be hunters. That is the plain and simple truth about them. In competitions judges have been required to remember to keep that fact in mind as hounds will simply not do well having to stand completely still and be entirely obedient. If they were to ignore this fact any good, true ‘hound’ would be docked points for their lack of attention during the competition. Hounds simply crave the hunt and naturally want to follow and pick up scents and trails. The scent hounds, as their name would have you guess, have the keenest sense of smell of the hounds, with the Bloodhound having the best sense of smell out of all of the hounds. Bloodhounds can pick up scent trails that are days old. The most famous of the Bloodhounds, Nick Carter, was recorded as following a scent 13 days old. Among the other scent hounds are the Beagle, the Foxhound, and the Harrier. Beagles, which were especially bred to be followed on foot, may very well be the oldest breed of the scent hounds with a history dating back to the 15th Century. Foxhounds and Harriers were bred to hunt fox and had to be followed on horseback. Their abilities and report with hunters have caused many to believe that they should never be called ‘dogs,’ but rather should always be referred to as hounds! Another type of hound is the Utility Hound; bred to be able to perform a variety of tasks. Among the Utility Hounds are the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, which were actually used to hunt lions. Their build and stamina gave them the physical ability to evade and maneuver well enough to keep the large animals at bay, and their keen senses helped them to locate and sneak up on the lion. Their performance would give hunters time to line up a shot on the lion. Select this link to view our Hunting Christmas Ornaments.

Herding Dogs:
Historically, herding dogs did just that, kept herds of livestock together. To be considered part of the AKC group named ‘herding dogs’, the dog is either part of a breed that’s been bred over generations as a herding or ‘working’ animal, or is trained in herding. They are considered a sub-group under the working dogs category. Herding dogs are also bred to protect the herd from predators, and are used typically to herd cattle, sheep, reindeer, and to a lesser degree, poultry. Some animals work well with any type of livestock, while others are bred over time to fill a specific job. For example, shorter breeds such as Corgis work well with cattle because they’re able to avoid being kicked by their ‘charges’. Typical examples of herding dogs include Collies, Welsh corgis, Shepherds (i.e. Australian, English, Dutch, German etc.) Koolies, various Sheepdog breeds, and many others. Select this link to view our Artificial Prelit Christmas Trees.

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