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Unique Santa Claus Christmas Ornaments.
Item Number:CE64 3097331a
Unique Santa Claus Christmas Ornaments.

MSRP: $7.00
Our Price: $4.83


Our Unique Santa Claus Christmas Ornaments
are 4¾ tall and shows a tree with clusters of holly leaves and berries and patches of snow highlighted with iridescent glitter. In the center of the Santa Ornaments are the face of Father Christmas with a red Santa hat and long white hair and beard and mustache. The unique Santa Claus Christmas Ornaments hang from a loop of jute. Select to see a complete listing of our Christmas Decorations Ideas.

History of Santa Claus.
Santa Claus truly represents a veritable melting pot of cultures, beliefs and traditions. As immigrants arrived in the New World centuries ago, along with their hopes and dreams for a better future, they brought with them their beliefs and customs surrounding the holidays. The Germans brought their Belznickel and Christkindl, the Scandinavians their gift giving elves and the Dutch introduced their Sinterklaas, all representing the celebration of St. Nicholas.
The legend of Santa Claus is derived in part from the benevolent European figure St. Nicholas and in part from American writers who wrote children’s poems in the nineteenth century. Clement Moore who wrote “A Visit From St. Nicholas” in 1822 and Thomas Nast, the famed political cartoonist who depicted Santa Claus in the 1860’s as an elfin figure, contributed greatly to this fantasy. Their descriptions of the jolly man clad in red and white created the folk hero children around the world dream about on Christmas Eve. This American patron saint of children certainly brings joy and delight to all during the holidays.
The American legend of Santa Claus embodies childhood innocence and magical delight, as Santa Claus is the bearer of gifts and treats for children everywhere. With his home at the wintry North Pole, he and his merry elves created the toys that put the magic into the holidays. He was a kind and gentle figure and starry eyed children awaited his annual visit with spirited anticipation. On Christmas Eve, the eve of the birth of the Christ child, Santa Claus magically flew around the world in his sleigh, filled with toys and gifts and drawn by eight reindeer. Parents had their children hang their stockings by the fire, in hopes that Santa Claus would come. He stopped at each child’s home and slid down the chimney to leave special packages and surprises in their stockings. Wide eyed good girls and boys would discover wonderful gifts in their stockings, but bad boys and girls would only find a lump of coal. Select this link to view our Unique Christmas Ornaments.

History of Pine Trees.
Pine Is an evergreen tree which has cones. It is a member of a large group of trees known as the pine family. The pine family includes other trees that have cones, such as the larch, spruce, hemlock and fir. The pine tree is one small part, or genus, of this family and has eighty different types or species.
All species of pine are usually divided into two main groups, according to the type of wood. Those trees that have a soft, light colored wood are called soft pines. Those that have a hard, dark colored wood are called pitch or hard pines. Most soft pines and pitch pines grow in abundance in North America.
The pine tree has a tall, straight trunk that sometimes reaches a height above 200 feet. The shape of the tree may be round or like a pyramid. The bark is usually thin and scaly. The leaves are shaped like needles and grow on small branches that stretch out from the tree. The leaves seldom grow singly. They usually grow in groups of two to five, called clusters. At the bottom of each cluster there is a scaly covering known as a sheath which covers the leaves. In soft pine trees, this sheath falls off as soon as the leaves develop. In the pitch pines, the sheath does not fall off until the leaves are shed. The cones on the tree, which bear the seeds between the scales, may be from one to eighteen inches long, depending upon the species of the pine.
The pine tree can grow in almost any type of soil, but grows best in sandy, high lands. It does not last long in smoky cities. It is believed that the gases in the smoke choke the tree.
Select this link to view our Artificial Prelit Christmas Trees.

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