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Bride and Groom Ornaments.
Item Number:CD52 W20039B
Bride and Groom Ornaments.

MSRP: $9.00
Our Price: $6.95


Our Bride and Groom Ornaments
are about 4˝ inches tall and 3 inches across. The Our First Christmas Together Ornament is dancing under a silver arch. The Groom is all decked out in a silver suit with white shirt and shoes. The Bride is wearing an elegant white strapless gown. Her waist length veil is covered with iridescent white glitter and held in place with a silver band. There is a wide white ruffle at the bottom of the gown, trimmed with a strand of tiny pearl beads. She also has white gloves that come just above the elbows. The arch of these Unique Christmas Ornaments have a vine pattern etched into it that is colored brown and is trimmed with a shear white ribbon tied in a bow at the top with the streamers wrapping the sides of the arch. The base of the arch is covered with iridescent white glitter, giving it a cloud appearance. “Our First Christmas Together” is etched in brown across the front of the base. Select to see a complete listing of our Christmas Decorations Ideas.

What is Marriage?
Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, which is recognized by the society in which they live. All governments and all religions have marriage laws. These laws say what form the marriage pledges must take and what the relationship of husband and wife should be. In most countries marriage is regarded as a sacred contract to endure for life.
The institution of marriage is the basis for the family. Marriage is regarded as necessary for the protection of children and of society.
The rights, duties and obligations of marriage are expected to continue without interruption during the lives of the husband and wife. A promise to marry cannot be enforced by law. But suit for breach of promise may be brought in many states and money damages may be claimed.
When a man and woman marry, they are legally as well as morally responsible for the children they have. They are bound to support and care for them so that the children will not need the protection of society.

History of Marriage.
Different peoples have practiced different kinds of marriages. Some have practiced polyandry, polygyny and polygamy, are kinds of plural marriage. One of the reasons for these kinds of marriages was that there were fewer women than men.
There is a close connection between the practice of polygamy and economic standing in some parts of the world. In some societies wives were considered as property. The more wives a man could support, the more prestige he had. Since the wives did most of the household work, they were valuable to the man as a means of increasing his comfort. They also did a great deal of the agricultural work and provided more children to work for him and add to his possessions. Polygamy was limited to the wealthy few, since many men could not afford to pay for more than one wife.
Monogamy is the marriage of one man one woman. By today’s standards it is considered to be the highest type of marriage ad the one which produces the happiest and most successful family life. It is the only form of marriage that is considered lawful in the Western world. Monogamy has always been the most common form of marriage, throughout human history.
In very primitive times, the marriage relationship did not last long. As a result, the mother was the most easily recognized and certain parent. Blood relationships were generally traced through her.
In England a marriage ceremony performed by a clergyman of the established church is legal and binding. If the parties intend to be married in church, English law demands that notice of their intention be given by publishing banns in the church. Banns are the announcements of the names and residences of the two parties on three succeeding Sundays previous to the marriage. This practice has been in use in the Roman Catholic Church much longer than it has in the established church.
Under English law, the captain of a British ship may legally perform the marriage ceremony of two persons if there is no immediate possibility of obtaining the services of an ordained clergyman or justice of the peace. He must also then enter the particulars of the wedding in the ship’s logbook. An added requirement is that a permit is necessary before the captain may act as a marriage officer. The masters of Spanish vessels may also perform marriages. American law provides no such authority. The Shipping Board made a ruling in 1926 declaring that marriages performed by masters of American merchant vessels are void. Later an Illinois judge handed down a decision declaring such marriages legal, but voidable.

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