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Navy Bear.
Item Number:DA16 J1817D
Navy Bear.


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The Navy Bear Ornament
is 3 inches tall. These Unique Christmas Ornaments are wearing a white Sailor uniform consisting of a white Sailor cap with blue stripes on the brim, white shirt with blue and white scarf, black belt, white pants and black boots. The Navy Bear has an American Flag patch on the left side and what appears to be his second class petty officer patch on his left sleeve. These Miscellaneous Holiday Ornaments is holding a telescope up to his right eye. This cute Navy Bear Ornament will sit on a shelf or hang on your tree by a gold cord. Select to see a complete listing of our Christmas Decorations Ideas.

Where do Teddy Bears Come From?
Teddy bears are stuffed toy bears and are an enduring, traditional form of stuffed animal, often serving the purpose of comforting children but some have become expensive collector's items.
The "fur" which these charming creatures are made of is as varied and interesting as the bears themselves. Mohair is the fur shorn or combed from a breed of long haired goats which is woven into cloth, dyed and trimmed to produce a fascinating choice for any artist's palette. Alpaca teddy bears are made from the pelt of an alpaca because the fiber is too soft to weave. In addition to mohair and alpaca, there are huge selections of "plush" or synthetic fur made for the teddy bear market which are commercially produced.
Some teddy bear artists specialize in the production of bears made from recycled materials. These artists haunt thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and trash collection centers as well as their own and their families' basements and attics in search of forgotten treasures to be turned into a collector's dream. Old quilts, dresses, fur collars, coats and stoles as well as beaded bags and garments are quickly transformed into stunning teddy bears. Select this link to view our Christmas Ornament Sets.

Legend of The Candy Cane.
Candy Canes are a stick of striped, hard candy bent into a hook at one end. They have been associated with Christmas for over three centuries. Legend attributes the origins of the candy cane to the choirmaster of cologne Cathedral in the 1670’s. Bothered by the noise of children attending the church’s nativity scene, he had candies made up in the shape of a shepherd’s crook and gave them to the young children to encourage them to be quiet. The shape of the cane soon led to them being hung from German Christmas trees, where sweets were a common decoration. Select this link to view our Santas Elves and Children's Santa Claus Costume.

Candy Cane.
The candy cane to many is a delicious Christmas treat. Centuries ago, a simple candy maker needed to create a perfect gift for the King. The candy was shaped into an upside down “J” in order to represent the Good Shepherd’s staff. However, the candy maker wanted it to mean more. He added white and red stripes. The white represented the birth of Christ and the red would stand for the blood Jesus shed. The candy maker knew this would be the most perfect gift the King had ever received. Select this link to view our Angel Ornaments.

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