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Spinning Fly Fishing Ornament.
Item Number:AS52 3076b
Spinning Fly Fishing Ornament.

MSRP: $8.00
Our Price: $6.27


The Spinning Fly Lure Ornament
is made like a sign that is about 4 inches long and 2 inches high with the lure hanging below it. The sign to this Fish Ornament has a picture of a man sitting on a large rock casting his lure out and a fish jumping out of the water to “take the bait”. These Unique Christmas Ornaments are made of poly resin, but looks as though it is framed by wooden twigs. This spinning fly lure hanging by a thin fishing line beneath the sign looks like a small golden spoon with a rudder in the middle and bright yellow feathers at the “handle” end. Select to see a complete listing of our Christmas Decorations Ideas.

Artificial Bait.
Artificial bait consists of a wide variety of items called lures. Most lures are designed in shape, color and movement to represent natural bait. Examples of lures include flies, plugs, spinners, spoons and jigs. Lures, unlike natural bait, can be used over and over. Some lures can be cast great distances. Flies are lightweight lures made of feathers, fur, hair and yarn tied onto a hook. There are two types of flies, dry or floating and wet or sinking. Some flies look like insects, small fish or frogs to attract fish that feed on these animals. Fish do no always feed out of hunger. So, many flies have strange colors and shapes that appeal to the fish’s other senses, such as anger and territorial aggression. Such fish as salmon and steelhead feed on flies of this type. Plugs are made of wood or plastic materials and are designed to look like small fish, frogs or other natural food sources. There are two kinds of plugs, floating and sinking. Floating plugs lie on the surface and sinking plugs remain underwater. Some plugs are equipped with a diving plane or bill in front. Plugs with this feature dive to certain depths when retrieved at certain speeds. Plugs are designed to make noise, vibrate, roll, spin, wiggle, twirl or flash in order to tempt game fish to strike them.

Spinners have a revolving blade in front of the hook that spins ad refracts light as the lure is retrieved through water. Spinners may be used alone or with other lures. The noise, vibration and motion of spinners help direct fish toward them in cloudy or deep, dark water. Spoons are rounded, oblong or dished out metal lures that flutter when pulled through the water. Their action resembles that of a wounded bait fish. This similarity helps attract fish because some species instinctively feed on wounded prey whether they are hungry or not. Spoons only a sixteenth of an ounce may be used for small pan fish, while spoons weighing 2 ounces may be used for larger game fish. Jigs are weighted tube like lures with feathers or hair attached. When placed at the bottom of the water, jigs make short hops when the rod is jerked. Other equipment for anglers includes nets, tackle boxes, gaffs, stringers, creels and electronic devices. Gaffs are barbed spears or long handled hooks used to pull large fish from water. Stringers are cords and chains used to keep fish alive in the water but restrained. A creel is a container made of canvas, wicker, rattan or willow that holds fish out of water. Damp vegetation placed in the creels helps keep fish fresh and permits anglers to carry this catch while they continue fishing. Some electronic devices such as sonar are helpful in locating schools of fish. Other electronic devices measure water temperature and salinity or salt content. Select this link to view our Decorated Country Holiday Garland.

Bait used to catch fish may be either natural or artificial. Most fresh and saltwater fish feed on a variety of smaller fish or other aquatic organisms. Small fish or other water creatures placed on a hook alive serve as the best kinds of natural bait. Fish used as bait include freshwater minnows and saltwater herring, smelt and anchovies. Freshwater fish eat worms, insects and frogs. Saltwater fish also eat worms, along with clams and crabs. Fish feed on dead animals and plants and will eat cut bait, which are pieces of dead fish or animals, or prepared bait. Some freshwater fish will eat popcorn, marshmallows, cheese, bread dough and fish eggs. Select this link to view our Unique Christmas Gifts.

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